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Abrahamic Family House

Available From 22nd-29th February 2024

    Service Description

    The Abrahamic Family House welcomes people to connect, explore, and reflect. We serve to deepen understanding of our common humanity through mutual dialogue, exchange of knowledge, and the practice of faith. Dress Code: There is a prohibition against women entering the mosque without wearing an Abaya. Both genders must cover their shoulders and knees. You will have to take off your shoes at the entry gate. Men and women cannot walk very close nor touch each other.

    Upcoming Sessions

    Cancellation Policy

    When you would like to cancel or reschedule your tour date and time, please call us at +971543085304

    Contact Details

    • Aloft Abu Dhabi, National Exhibition Centre - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

      +971 2 406 3300

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